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Uncle B's Pizza Shop

5214 George Washington Memorial Hwy.

Yorktown, VA 23692

(Washington Square Shopping Center next to Food Lion)

Phone: (757) 872-2047

Business Hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday thru Saturday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Sunday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

Call us directly for pick-up or select your delivery option below

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Cheese Bread

Small - $4.99   -   Large - $8.49

Chicken Wings

6-$8.49,  12-$15.99,   24-$27.99
BBQ, Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan

Sweet Chili & Burn Your Lips Off

Freaky Bread

Small - $4.99  -  Large - $6.99

Great Balls of Fire  -  $7.99
12 Italian meatballs tossed in buffalo sauce.

Served with ranch or blue cheese.


(Small $5.99 & Large $8.99)

Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce tossed in Tuscan Caesar dressing with asiago & parmesan cheeses & croutons.

Antipasto Salad
Romaine lettuce, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, salami, provolone cheese, pepperoni, pepperocini, black olives - choice of anchovies & dressing.

Chef Salad
Romaine lettuce, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, turkey, ham, salami, provolone cheese,your choice of dressing.

Greek Salad
Romaine lettuce, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, Greek olives & pepperocini.

House (Italian), Tuscan Caesar, Oil & Vinegar, Ranch, Blue Cheese & Honey Mustard

(extra dressings @ $0.25 each)


8" for $8.99 & 12" for $11.99

Italian Combo
Combination of ham, salami & capicola, provolone cheese, onions, lettuce, tomatoes &

Italian dressing.

Chopped steak, cooked with onions & mushrooms topped with provolone cheese & mayo.

Served with provolone cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato & mayo.

Turkey Club
Turkey, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayo.


Bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo.

Choice of American or provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayo.

Grilled Ham or Turkey
Choice of ham or turkey served on butter toasted bread with provolone cheese & tomato.

Combination of American cheese & provolone cheese with green pepper, onion, mushrooms,

lettuce, tomato, mayo & Italian dressing.

Big Ed
Hot sausage with mustard, cooked onions & green peppers, topped with mozzarella cheese.


Meatball Parmesan
Meatballs with plenty of sauce

& topped with mozzarella cheese.

Sausage Parmesan
Hot sausage with plenty of pizza sauce & topped with mozzarella cheese.


The Traditional Pizza

$20.99 / $26.99
Onions, green peppers, Canadian bacon, sausage, pepperoni & mushrooms.

Meat Lovers Pizza

$18.99 / $24.99

Canadian bacon, sausage, bacon, pepperoni & meatballs.

Vegetable Lovers

$18.99 / $24.99

Green peppers, onions, olives, mushrooms & tomatoes.

Cheese Lovers

$17.99 / $23.49
New York Style Pizza topped with a blend of mozzarella, American, provolone, cheddar, Monterey jack & parmesan cheeses.

Hawaiian Pizza

$14.99 / $19.99

Canadian bacon & pineapple.

California Pizza

$14.99 / $18.99

Tomato slices with basil.

Lasagna Pizza

$17.99 / $23.49
New York Pizza topped with olive oil, ricotta cheese, tomato sauce, meatballs, mozzarel
la & American cheeses.

Sue's Greek Pizza

$15.99 / $21.49
New York Pizza topped with fresh tomatoes, pepperoncini & feta cheese.

Spinach & White Pizza

$15.99 / $21.49
New York style pizza topped with olive oil, garlic, ricotta cheese & spinach.

Garlic Pizza

$11.99 / $15.99
Our fresh pizza dough, lightly covered in virgin olive oil & garlic with your choice of toppings &

mozzarella cheese (served WITHOUT tomato sauce).

Deep Dish Pizza


13" Deep Dish Pizza with cheese - each additional topping $1.89


  12" Small Cheese  -  $11.99
  additional toppings $1.69 / topping

16" Large Cheese  -  $15.99
  additional toppings $2.29 / topping

  pepperoni, sausage, onion, olives, green peppers,

mushrooms, bacon, Canadian bacon, pineapple,

meatballs, tomato, spinach, hot peppers, anchovies.


Cheese  -  $2.59
  additional toppings $0.69 / topping



  6" Small - $10.99 / 12" Medium - $19.99 / 18" Large - $28.99

Fresh dough packed with ham, salami, capicola, onions,

tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese & a pinch

of oregano, sealed & baked to a golden brown.

  Ask about our vegetable or meat lovers Stromboli!


Calzone  -  $10.99
Fresh dough packed with your choice of 2 pizza toppings, combined with ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese & spices, baked to a golden brown.

Pizza Pocket - $10.99
Fresh dough packed with your choice of 3 pizza toppings, combined with mozzarella cheese

& pizza sauce, sealed & baked to a golden brown.

Hot Sausage Roll - $10.99
Fresh dough filled with hot sausage link, onions, green peppers, mushrooms & mozzarella cheese,sealed & baked to a golden brown.



Cinnamon Willies

Small - $4.99   -   Large - $6.99


Soda & Tea - $2.99 (Free Refills)

Our Mission

New York Style Pizza … what exactly is it?

The recipe for our pizza was brought down to us from

a pizza restaurant in Syracuse, NY, where the trade was learned.

We cook our pizza in real brick ovens, directly on the brick.

This allows us to serve you a pizza with a nice crispy crust.

By eliminating all types of pans, our pizzas do not trap any

type of grease or oil, which tends to make pizzas "greasy".

Our dough is prepared daily.

Our spicy sauce is also made daily using our own secret recipe.

We cook & spice our own beef sausage & we use only fresh ingredients.

Fresh dough, fresh vegetables, spicy sauce & crispy crust …
New York St
yle Pizza  !!!


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